Similar to how big media has lost it's absolute monopoly on the news, big money is losing it's absolute grip on the money system.

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About Us

We provide FREE ADVERTISING in the Glacial Lake Area of NE South Dakota. That would be like a fat football shape with the south end at about Madison, South Dakota and the north end at Sisseton, SD.  The Thick part of the “football” would reach west past Clark, and east into Minnesota a ways. If you think are in, you probably are.  If you are not local, then  you don’t qualify to advertise free, and maybe not at all.  Thanks for respecting that.

Now the fun stuff!

The classifieds are free.

The directory is free.

Even display ad space is free! (Read the fine print, though…)  If you want a spot that is occupied, then you just match or beat the price the advertiser that is there paid, and they move down the page. You take over that spot. When someone out-bids you, then you move down a notch, and they slip in. The newest ad at a given price goes to the top of that price range, even if the price is free! Only those paying more will be higher on the page.

Let’s just run through it once. It’s pretty simple, and maybe kind of fun! 

  1. To get free display ads you need to get listed in the directory first, so go ahead and do that  – free.
  2. Then you need to give me a display ad you would like to run, even just your logo will work. I’ll make it a link to your directory listing, or, if you prefer, to your website.  I’ll place it as high up the list as the free ads reach, at the top of the unpaid ones.
  3. When a newer free ad comes in your free ad will move down the list one notch.
  4. Any paid ads that show up will also go to the top of the list using the same principle.
  5. Free ads that come in after that will go just below the lowest paid ad. 
  6. The next paid ad goes toward the top until it comes to an ad that paid more. If nobody paid more, it goes all the way to the top!
  7. Payment does not need to be cash. I’ll take gift certificates or store credit if you have something I think I can use, trade, or resell.
  8. A rule: Only locally owned and operated businesses get to participate.  No adult, gambling, tobacco, or alcohol related content, please. I will refuse it. This site is for people who contribute to a pleasant society.
  9. I don’t do graphics free. If you need me to build your ad there will be an appropriate fee for that. If you have an ad that will work we can use it.

Why am I doing this? This site is new. It doesn’t have enough traffic to justify charging big or small rates. Not yet, anyway. This approach will keep the prices where they belong. Nobody will pay more than they want or more than it’s worth to them. The demand will determine the price, and for now it’s free.

So bump somebody. Put your ad at the top of the page. The best way to do that is to upload the image when you submit your Directory Listing. I have to approve each listing before it goes live (and clip any inappropriate postings right out. Spam, you know.) I’ll be able to see and grab the image from there to put it up in the main page. PNG, GIF, JPEG and JPG images all work.


And please tell a friend about this. I’ve even put a little link up that makes it easy.

Now I can tell you a bit about myself.

Hi!  I’m Lee Redinger, 

I’m Glad to see you here. Welcome!selfpic

I called this page “About Us” since that is a pretty well accepted title for an introduction, but really it’s about YOU. Lake Area Trader is for and about YOU.

I publish this largely free advertising website for the people and small businesses of Glacial Lakes Area of NE South Dakota because I believe there  is a great need for better means of communication between sellers of products and services and buyers of them. So often when I need something, a special service, maybe, I CAN’T FIND IT very easily. So, I think we need a  fast and easy, low-cost advertising  medium for small businesses and individuals that is LOCAL.   That is what we do.

Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.
Theodore Roosevelt

In the “Old Days” I did this kind of thing with the best tools then available – paper. It worked very well, and still does, except for ONE THING.  Cost. Paper is expensive compared to this new medium. And except for ONE MORE THING.  Time.  Publishing your ad in the shopper takes a week! Well, a good share of a week anyway, since it is published weekly. Daily newspapers even take a few days to run your ad. Radio, TV, Billboards, etc. are all expensive.

In spite of the drawbacks, those are good traditional mediums to use. You will get results with them, and I advocate using them as much as you can. But advertise in Lake Area Trader too!

Thank you,

Lee Redinger
Lake Area Trader Publisher and Editor