Similar to how big media has lost it's absolute monopoly on the news, big money is losing it's absolute grip on the money system.

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Classified ads are free. No registration is required, but you must include a phone number and email address in the form. This provides a way for you to re-run expiring ads, edit your ads, and add pictures, even after the ad is posted. It also helps us keep the wild, wooly world at bay. You will receive an email with a code that will allow you to edit your ad, change or add pictures, or delete the ad. Ads run 21 days from activation and you will get a notice before it expires so you can re-activate it if you wish.

All ads are moderated, that is, not posted until approved by an editor. We reserve the right to reject any ad for any reason or for no reason. There is no warranty beyond the price of the ad, which is zero.

Keep it clean and family-friendly. No alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or adult material may be advertised. This service is for local folks. Local means Northeastern South Dakota and the Glacial Lakes Area here. Iā€™m not drawing fixed lines in the ground, but ads that seem local to me will be approved if they meet the other requirements.

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~Lee Redinger, Publisher

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