Similar to how big media has lost it's absolute monopoly on the news, big money is losing it's absolute grip on the money system.

Consignments Wanted!

Lake Area Trader provides free advertising
to local businesses and individuals every day.

Yes, Classifieds, Directory, and Display ads
are all available, free, to locals.

I believe the best approach to “economic development” is to help local people build businesses rather than importing big corporations and giving them all kinds of handouts to come here. They take the profits home to the owners, wherever they are. “Home Grown” is a far better approach in many ways, including keeping the profit local, and there is ample evidence out there to substantiate that statement. I won’t go into it deeper here and now, but it is a factor in how I conduct business with this website.

If you own a local business,
even a tiny one, even a part-time business,
this is your media!

Here’s how the free display advertising works. You place your free ad and it goes to the top of the column of free ads. (pick left or right hand column. The ad sizes are different.) As new ads enter at the top, older ads drift down the page.

By now you are wondering, “What’s the Catch“, how do you expect to make money giving all the inventory away? That is a valid question, of course. I’ll tell you.  Eventually you, or someone else, will want to move up the page for quicker visibility. You can pay to have your ad above the free ones. Paid ads will always be above unpaid ads. Highest paid ads at the top, and graduating down to the free ads below. If you pay the most, your ad goes to the top, or second most, it goes right below the one paying more.

Maybe I’m nuts, but I like the idea that any little business that wants to advertise, can.  Sure, the free display ad may be down the page a ways, BUT, it can link to your directory listing (ad) that has more room for detail, even serving as a website if you don’t have one, and your free directory ad can link to your website if you do have one. I know that people do scroll and click. They do look through ads to find something new, or something they need, or someone to help them with their problem. Even the free ad at the bottom of the page will be seen.

I believe this method will work out just fine. No one will ever pay too much, because nobody will pay more than they choose to pay. Plus, if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on advertising, and you want the top of the page, we can still do it. I am happy to barter with you. Likely you have plenty of product or service to pay with, I’ll take that in payment. With that consideration thrown in there, even a cash-strapped start-up, one-man or one-woman show can have the top spot! At least some of the time.

Start now by posting your free directory listing.